WuYue's services

Based on intelligent weighing equipment and software systems integration products and services to the metallurgical, mining, power, petrochemical, railway and logistics, port, coal chemical industry, building materials, equipment manufacturing, food storage and transportation and other fields.

  • 1 Mainly for railway department, inspection section, long trunk, rail cargo, logistics park special railway line provide track static measurement, orbital dynamic measurement, vehicle maintenance equipment such as service, at the same time according to different site conditions and different measurement requirements can provide customized solution as a whole. Maximum to meet customer demand.
  • 2 Thermal power plant has a large number of coal cars in every day, the need for parking, registration, weighing applications such as, for the above application we provide a specific set of solutions.
  • 3 Coastal port trade focus on coal, containers, import iron ore, grain, such as loading and unloading, weighing measurement, weighing apparatus centralized management
  • 4 Our weighing apparatus series products specifically for petroleum and chemical industry to provide all of the weighing solutions, one week for the process of refining of coal, crude oil, liquefied petroleum gas, and other materials weighing, at the same time for all kinds of truck scale, rail weighbridge and other kinds of weighing scales provide centralized measurement, automatic unmanned measurement and other kinds of solutions!
  • 5 Weighing apparatus series products in addition to metallurgy, trade, oil, electricity, ports, cement, glass and other industries to provide weighing solutions, also can provide complete solution for other industries. As long as you can have your symmetrical heavy oil needs to contact us

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